About Us

After years of investing in over 20+ startups with multiple successful exits, we've decided to focus this fund on the phenomenally underpenetrated (yet, exciting!) startup ecosystem of Pakistan

We're looking to invest in ambitious founders with disruptive ideas, that are trying to solve local and global problems.

We help you build the right foundation to turn the product itself into the primary driver of customer acquisition, and expansion.

Product at the core

Much more than capital

We believe early-stage investments should go far beyond just a cheque, so we open up our ecosystem to you, both locally and globally.

We like to move fast 

We make decisions relatively quickly and you'll be involved in each stage. Unlike most funds, we don't need 3-6 months for our diligence.

Consider us family (or friends)

We like to come in as early as the family and friends round and are not afraid to be the first cheque in (actually prefer it at times!). 

Previous Successful Exits


The team



General Partner

Haris is the founder of Chalo Ventures and has been an early stage investor for 5+ years, with multiple successful exits under his belt. 

Haris spent 3 years managing money in the hedge fund world, most recently as a global macro portfolio manager at Fate Capital Management, an Options focused fund. 

Previously, Haris worked with various Fortune 500 companies and has led various startups to scale as one of their earliest employees. He still actively works with startups as an advisor and a hands-on Fractional CFO.

Haris attended Michigan State University where he studied Economics, and then furthered his education at Columbia University, where he studied Financial Engineering.


The rest of the team

Want to become a part of our LP network?

The key to making this fund thrive will be collaboration, and all our LPs have a transparent and vested interest in ensuring the success of the fund and the companies we invest in. 

All our LPs come from diverse backgrounds, with 
many of them being at public companies, having gone through IPOs. They understand the path from private to public that our portfolio companies aspire to follow. 

(We're currently not accepting anymore LPs)

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